Shared ownership properties launched as Traders' Quarter

Notting Hill Sales has launched the first set of affordable housing at Royal Wharf, marketed as "Traders' Quarter". The properties, situated in the newly named "Cape House" and the lower floors of Corsair House (previously known as the Meridian Building) are being offered on a shared ownership basis. This required prospective purchasers to 'buy' a minimum of 30% of the property while also paying rent on the remaining purchase.

Image courtesy of Latch Marketing.

Cape House, located on North Woolwich Road, forms part of Plot 1 at Royal Wharf (shown below). A total of 46 apartments are available over seven floors.

Plot 1, with Cape House shown on the right hand side.

In Corsair House, the shared ownership properties are spread over floors 1 to 5, with the higher floors (6 to 14) reserved for private sale.

Forthcoming affordable housing at Royal Wharf

It was reported by the Strait Times in December 2016 that Notting Hill Sales have also purchase plots 20 and 24 at Royal Wharf, which form part of Phase 3. It's therefore likely that these two plots will also include affordable housing, although whether this will also be in the form of shared ownership, or another form is currently unclear.

Recent planning applications have given us the first look at these two blocks, both located on North Woolwich Road.

Plot 20 (as yet unnamed)
Plot 24 (as yet unnamed)

Have you bought a shared ownership property at Trader's Quarter? If so, we'd love to hear your thoughts in the community forum.