Planning submitted for regeneration of Silvertown Quays

The Silvertown Partnership has submitted a detailed planning application for Phase 1 of the redevelopment of Silvertown Quays (referred to simply as "Silvertown"). Phase 1 includes an mix of homes, shops, cafés, bars, restaurants, brand spaces, workspaces and public spaces.

The planning application is open for public comments.

Phase 1 is limited to the western end of the site, but includes both the iconic Millennium Mills and Silo D:

Phase 1 of the Silvertown redevelopment. Royal Wharf is shown in the bottom right.

The Phase 1 site is designed to link Royal Victoria Dock with North Woolwich Road, establishing a vital north-south connection from the outset of the project for residents and visitors to use. Phase 1 includes the Millennium Mills building and proposes new development to the south and west of Silo D, ensuring both heritage assets are embraced. The Phase Site is also deliberately located to the west of the Site to provide direct connections to and integrate with the existing Britannia Village community.

The application includes the refurbishment and reinvention of Millennium Mills to create a new east London destination with exhibition space, cafés and dining as well as workspaces for new businesses. Silo D will also be retained and form part of a new community space alongside the docks.

A new community green next to Silo D and the water forleisure and relaxing or small events

The planning application also includes provision for 943 new mixed tenure homes across five residential buildings:

The application also boasts a substantial new public square by Millennium Mills, with the potential for curated events.

Phase 1 is divided into two distinct areas, each reflecting the different living, working and recreational elements of the new Silvertown Quays. Each area has a distinct character, defined by its location and primary activities. The two character areas respond to the wider context, the iconic setting of the Royal Docks and the aspirations of the new masterplan.

Mills Quarter

This is described as one of the most intensely animated areas of the masterplan characterised by intensive public activity, both within the public realm and on the ground floor of the buildings. It will be a regional destination for visitors.

Arriving from Custom House Station, Millennium Mills, the new residential building and the waterfront public space are your first impressions of Silvertown Quays, and encapsulate everything Silvertown Quays is about: an active waterscape, industrial heritage, flows of people, a destination.Mills Square will have year-round activities and forms the heart of the commercial cluster.

Silo D Quarter

Set around the grade II listed Silo D, this is a predominantly residential area.

Silo D will be set in a park, and the south facing finger dock will be accessible. The plots surrounding the park will be designed as a backdrop to the Silo D. The buildings adjoining North Woolwich Road will be designed to contribute to the new character of the road as an ‘urban boulevard’.

Design and Access Statement for Phase 1

Lots more detail of the application can be seen within the planning application, and in the Design and Access Statement below.