John Cabot House brochure available ahead of launch next weekend [Updated]

While not yet available on Royal Wharf's website, Royal Wharf News have located a copy of the brochure and floor plans for John Cabot House, due to be released by Ballymore next weekend - 29 October. While the brochure lacks any new renders of the building, it does give prospective buyers a head-start in reviewing floor plans and identifying properties of interest.

You can download the John Cabot House brochure here, or view it online here.

[UPDATE: The brochure is now also available through]

More about John Cabot House

With the release of the brochure, we're now able to shed some more light on the make up the the building.

The brochure indicates that John Cabot House is arranged over four cores - cores A and D in standalone buildings running east-west, and cores B and C in a single building running approximately north-south:

Layout of John Cabot House

Cores A, C and D all span eight floors (ground to seven), whereas core B is slightly taller at ten floors. Cores A and B includes some limited retail space on the ground floor.

In addition to the retail space, core A features seven studios, 15 one-bedroom apartments and 27 two-bedroom apartments. Core B includes eight studios, 35 one-bedroom apartments, 18 two-bedroom apartments and nine three bedroom apartments. Core C features one studio apartment, 39 one-bedroom apartments, 14 two-beds and seven three-bedroom apartments. Finally, Core D includes nine studios, 17 one-bedroom apartments and 28 two-bedrooms.

Royal Wharf brochure

In addition, Ballymore appear to have updated the main Royal Wharf brochure to include some newer images of Mariner's Quarter (of which John Cabot House forms a part).

You can download the updated Royal Wharf brochure here, or view it online here.