Heath and Fitness Club to open in January 2019

Ballymore have confirmed that the Health and Fitness Club, located in Pendant Court, is due to open in January 2019. The club will include a gym, 25-metre pool, fitness studio, sauna, steam room, hydrotherapy pool and changing rooms.

Ballymore provided the following details along with the announcement:

Situated in Pendant Court (formerly known as Portland House), the Health and Fitness Club is set to be the highlight of Royal Wharf.  Not only will it be a convenient exercise space for our residents on your doorstep, it's also a perfect excuse for neighbours to come together as a community, for fun and fitness. The facilities offer a Gym, a 25 metre Pool, a Group Fitness Studio, and changing rooms. They will also include:

  • A friendly in-house Ballymore fitness team who will be there for support and training as well as conducting classes, delivering clubs and personal training, and hosting a great fitness space!
  • The latest state of the art fitness equipment, as well as an exercise frame commonly known as the ‘Rig’.
  • A ‘short burst’ sprint gym running track where residents can practise timed runs as part of their exercise session and which will be included in group fitness classes. 
  • The Group Fitness Studio will have an array of classes such as the Ballymore Bootcamp, HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes, aerobic based classes and favourites such as the Running Club. There will be lots of Mind Body Wellness classes to choose from such as Yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi and Meditative stretch classes to name just a few.  The Ballymore Fitness Team is well known for classes like Warrior Fit– created by your own fitness team and uniquely tailored for Ballymore gyms. 
  • Classes will be available 7 days a week - morning, noon, and night - and will take place in the Fitness Studios, on the Gym floor, in the Pool and even outside. 
  • Relax in the phenomenal pool space with a sauna, a steam room, a hydrotherapy pool, a full length 25 metre swimming pool, an experience shower, and a fabulous relaxation and refreshment area for a coffee or protein shake afterwards. 
  • We will also be working with a variety of specialised companies to offer spa and beauty treatments, swimming lessons, table tennis coaching, and much more.