Deanston Wharf, the next part of Royal Wharf, receives planning permission

Located between Royal Wharf and Lyle Park to the west of the development, Deanston Wharf received planning permission from the London Borough of Newham last week. Comprising of 769 residential units and 1,125 sq.m of commercial space, the ten blocks that will make up Deanston Wharf will sit adjacent to many of the buildings that make up Phase 3 of Royal Wharf. Similar to Royal Wharf, Deanston Wharf is a joint development between Ballymore and Oxley Holdings.

CGI of the Deanston development (courtesy of Glenn Howells Architects)

Deanston Wharf has been designed by Glenn Howells Architects, the same firm responsible for the overall Royal Wharf masterplan.

The site is currently occupied by a large warehouse used by a document management company, but once completed will access for Royal Wharf residents through to Lyle Park, and a continuation of the River Thames path.

It is not clear whether the development will be marketed by Ballymore as "Deanston Wharf" or as an extension of Royal Wharf.

The development

Unlike Royal Wharf, Deanston Wharf will not include any townhouses and is comprised of ten buildings, ranging from 9 to 17 stories.

The ten buildings that comprise Deanston Wharf

The development will include:

  • 74 studio and one-bed apartments;
  • 265 two-bed apartments;
  • 226 three-bed apartments; and
  • 4 four-bed apartments.

Based on the latest planning information, the three blocks at the north-most end of the Deanston Wharf development (shown on the right of the diagram above) will be affordable housing, whilst the blocks closest to the river will all be private residences.

CGI visualisation of the Deanston Wharf development, with Lyle Park in the foreground.
 (courtesy of Glenn Howells Architects)

The latest revisions to the planning application indicate that revisions have been made to the balcony designs of the blocks closest to the river. This is a result of low-frequency noise concerns originating on the south bank of the river from the CEMEX and Tarmac operations at Angerstein Wharf and Murphy's Wharf respectively.

Implications for Royal Wharf

The following image, from the original Deanston Wharf planning application, illustrates how the planned development (shown in dark grey) fits with the Royal Wharf development (to the east/right), Lyle Park (to the west/left) and potential further developments further west along the river.

Deanston Wharf - Masterplan Principles