Ballymore launch Residents' Portal [updated]


We've since heard from Ballymore Asset Management that the portal was not intended for use by the residents. Further, the portal is not monitored by Ballymore, so any posts will go unanswered. We're told that there will be a fully operational website in the near future, for residents to use.

As a result, we have removed the links from the post below.

Earlier this month, Ballymore started sending out invitations for residents to join a Residents' Portal, hosted by Dwellant, where residents "can request work to be done and discuss issues with other people."

The website currently includes some useful information for residents, including details of broadband and gas suppliers, recycling and rubbish collections and fire regulations.

Also, in an encouraging move to improve the transparency, the portal also adds a way for residents to log issues at the development. The problems recorded by residents appear to be visible and available for comment by other residents.

Royal Wharf News understands the portal will be expanded over time to include the ability for residents to view their service charge accounts, pay their service charge online and see details of budgets and expenditure.

However at the time of writing, two weeks after the portal launched, it appears that the website could benefit from some additional information being completed, with some placeholders still present for important information, such as the emergency out of hours contact:

While the portal is a step in the right direction, let's hope Ballymore get around to filling out the remaining details of the website, and it turns into the useful platform it could be!

Let us know what you think of the portal in the comments below.