All Change Please! New names for Royal Wharf buildings

Royal Wharf News has been aware for some time that the "marketing names" used for many of the buildings in Royal Wharf would ultimately be changed prior to completion. However, Johns&Co, the estate agents who will have an office on site, have now revealed additional details of the changes. As a result, we now also know details of the future names of the buildings in phases 2 and 3. The new names seem to stick with the nautical theme used throughout the development, but future residents may have mixed feelings over the changes. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the community forum.

Why are the names changing?

From what Royal Wharf News has been told, the building names used to market the development are marketing names only.  When the construction of the development gets closer to completion, the developers have to seek agreement with Newham Council regarding the final postal names for the buildings.  In instances where another building in the borough already has a name which is similar to one of the marketing names used at Royal Wharf, these cannot be used, and an alternative name has to be chosen. 

New names for buildings in Phase 1

New names for buildings in Phase 2

  • Compass House will become Commodore House and Windlass House (properties in core A will become Windlass House, while properties in cores B, C and D will become Commodore House).
  • Endeavour House will become Laker House and Kelson House (properties in cores A and B will become Kelson House, while properties in core C will become Laker House.
  • Park View Place will become Pinnacle House.
    Portland House will become Pendant Court (while this information name hasn't been confirmed by Johns & Co, we believe this to be correct).
  • Sienna House will become Carrick House
  • Thameside House will become Flotilla House and Fairwater House (properties in cores A and B will become Fairwater House, while properties in core C will become Flotilla House.

New names for buildings in Phase 3

That seems confusing! What's changes are Royal Wharf News going to make?

We're going to slowly update the content on the website and forums to include both the original marketing names and revised postal names for a period of time, until the development is largely complete and purchasers and residents have become accustomed to the new names.