Original Royal Wharf masterplan and details of phase 1 buildings

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May 2011

Narrative from planning application

Outline planning application for the comprehensive mixed use redevelopment of the whole site for up to 363,000 m2 (GEA) is sought, comprising:

  • Retail (Use Class A1) not exceeding 3,250 m2 (GEA); 
  • Financial and professional services (Use Class A2) not exceeding 750 m2 (GEA); 
  • Restaurants and cafes (Use Class A3), Drinking establishments (Use Class A4) and Hot food takeaways (Use Class A5) not exceeding 1,500 m2 (GEA); 
  • Business (Use Classes B1(a), (b) and (c)) not exceeding 15,000 m2 (GEA), of which not more than 5,000 m2 (GEA) will be offices (Use Class B1(a); 
  • Residential (Use Class C3) up to 329,900 m2 (GEA) and not exceeding 3,385 residential units; 
  • Non-residential institutions (Use Class D1) not exceeding 9,600 m2 (GEA); 
  • Assembly and leisure (Use Class D2) not exceeding 3,000 m2 (GEA); 

together with: 

  • Demolition of all existing buildings; 
  • Vehicular, cycle and pedestrian access from North Woolwich Road; 
  • Public realm, public pen space and private amenity space; 
  • Covered parking areas, plant, storage and an Energy Centre (not exceeding 68,550m2); 
  • On street parking; 
  • Landscaping; 
  • River wall works; and 
  • Other supporting infrastructure works and facilities. 

Details of approvals sought as part of the application: In respect of land on the eastern part of the application site, shown on drawing DPA-00-001 Rev 1 dated Jan 2011 labelled as detailed area, approval of Scale, Appearance, Landscape, Layout and Access (as defined by Article (2) (1) of the Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure (England)) Order 2010 (DMPO)) is sought in respect of development consisting of 95,065m2 GEA and comprising the following elements: 811 residential units (Use Class C3) (91,189 m2 (GEA); 3,326 m2 (GEA) of mixed use floor space (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, C3, D1 and D2); 380 m2 (GEA) (Use Class B1(a); 170 m2 (GEA) of ancillary plant (above basement); and Associated highway infrastructure, river wall and public realm works, Together with plant, storage and parking.

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