Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions regarding the Royal Wharf development, and this website.

Is Royal Wharf News affiliated with the development?

No, Royal Wharf News is not affiliated with the Royal Wharf development or the developers Oxley Holdings and the Ballymore Group.  As such, no reliance should be placed on the information contained within this website for completion dates, or any other aspects of any purchase of property in the development.

Where I can I find information regarding Royal Wharf's planning applications?

The developers of Royal Wharf have submitted a significant number of planning applications variations and notifications to the Newham Borough Council.

The easiest way to locate these applications is by searching on the Newham Borough Council planning website using the relevant postcode for the development (E16 2BG).

We've now added a Planning Section to the Royal Wharf News website, which includes details of the key planning applications.

Why are the building names changing?

From what Royal Wharf News has been told, the building names used to market the development are marketing names only.  When the construction of the development gets closer to completion, the developers have to seek agreement with Newham Council regarding the final postal names for the buildings.  In instances where another building in the borough already has a name which is similar to one of the marketing names used at Royal Wharf, these cannot be used, and an alternative name has to be chosen.  For example, the Meridian Building will be known as Corsair House once completed.

For the time being, Royal Wharf News will refer to the buildings using their marketing name, but we will revisit this decision once the names changes have become formal, and residents get used to the new names.

For details of the new names, refer to the individual building pages, which set out the 'official' names where these are known.

Where can I find more information about the development if I'm interested in buying a property at the development?

Ballymore are still selling properties off-plan. Visit to find out more.

For property resales and rentals, try either of the on-site estate agents: Johns&Co or LiFE Residential.