The Townhouses






Almost 100 townhouses are scattered amongst the larger buildings of Royal Wharf.  Predominantly 3 or 4 bedroom properties, almost every townhouse is unique, and spans between three and four floors.  Many enjoy private gardens and roof terraces.


Additional information

Construction of the Meridian townhouses on Starboard Way
Construction of the Meridian townhouses on Starboard Way
(courtesy of WCEC Architects)

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Estimated completion

Because the townhouses are scattered around the Royal Wharf development, they are expected to complete at various times over the next few years. 

Townhouses in Starboard Way were completed from September 2016. Townhouses in Rope Terrace were completed from February 2017. Townhouses in Admiralty Avenue were completed from May 2017.

The following estimated completion dates were last updated in August 2017:

  • Townhouses on Admiralty Avenue: between August and December 2017;
  • Townhouses on Cable Street: between January and March 2018;
  • Townhouses on Nautical Drive: between October and November 2017;
  • Townhouses on Royal Crest Avenue: between January and March 2018;
  • Townhouses on Schooner Road: between October 2017 and February 2018.

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