Masthead House


Admiralty Building





Masthead House is located in the north-eastern part of the development, and runs alongside Thames Street, close to Sovereign Place. 

Home to 117 apartments split between five cores (A through E), Masthead House will be a significant landmark on the walk between Pontoon Dock DLR Station and the main high street running through Royal Wharf.

Masthead House will also be home to a Sainsbury's Local.


Additional information

Masthead House includes 117 apartments over eight floors, broken down as follows:

  • 16 one-bedroom apartments; 
  • 87 two-bedroom apartments; and
  • 14 three-bedroom apartments.

Relevant planning applications

Estimated completion

Core A - August 2017;
Core B - October 2017;
Core C - October 2017;
Core D - October 2017; and
Core E - between October and November 2017.

(Last updated August 2017)

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